Private Yoga

Hatha Yoga/ Vinyasa Yoga /
Yoga Nidra / Meditation/ Pranayama

The sessions will be tailored to your needs and it's possible to add-ons.
1 single session in studio Badhoevedorp € 75,- euro 60 minutes sessions
Yoga on your preferred location is possible, contact for rates starting from € 100,- euro
Would you like to take more sessions?
In studio rates:
5 sessions € 350,- euro
10 sessions € 650,- euro
* Yoga with private groups for additional costs per person.
* Private Yoga for teens, special rates.

Energetic Trauma healing sessions

Talking to the Chakras (TTC®) is a channeled loving cosmic energy that activates the body's self-healing ability through physical and energetic touches. TTC healing releases tension, stress, and traumas from the body. When the chakras are not balanced, symptoms can arise that manifest as physical, mental, or emotional complaints. This stagnation can be caused by tension, stress, or traumas which can be resolved through TTC.

1 session € 144,- euro

Yoga Class in studio
Monthly Specials

You can enjoy every month several themed yoga specials. For example cacao and Nidra, New Moon Yoga, Yoga for stress relief, Yoga & Sound, Meditation & Sound, Sound Journey, Yoga & creativity.
Those sessions usually includes Gentle yoga, Pranayama, meditation, ginger tea and journaling 1.5 hours. € 20,--30,-
Cacao Ceremony: 2.5 hour including ceremonial cacao, intention setting, breath work techniques, visualization, meditation, sharing, healthy snacks, ginger teas.
€ 40,- euro

Sound Journey 1:1

Sound Journey Sessions offer a unique and immersive experience designed to quiet your mind, release tension, and transport you to a dream-like state of vibrational healing.
* Sound Journey 1 hour € 60,-
* Sound massage 1 hour € 70,- euro
* Brainwave massage 20-30 minutes € 30,- euro

Abhyanga Massage

- Ayurvedic shiro and mukha Abhyanga massage -
Shiro Abhyanga essentially means a complete massage of the head, neck, and shoulders using Ayurvedic herbal oils.

Mukha Abhyanga This facial works on the marma /bindu/ energy points of the face, bringing balance to the mind and emotions creating peace and tranquility. It is soothing and nurturing to the skin tissue leaving your skin glowing.

45 minutes € 50,- euro

1 private yoga session and Shiro - Mukha Abhyanga massage € 110,- euro

Holistic Services

Events For companies/ corporate Yoga, Hotels, retreats, weddings, parties Yoga, Breath-work, Retreats, Ayurvedic massage, Cacao ceremonies, Cacao, workshops.

Contact us for detailed information.
Your event will be tailored to your needs.

As all sessions are tailored and personalized (and travel time when it’s your location) please cancel as soon as possible.


Cancellations 1:1 sessions with less than 24 hours before the start of a session will be charged at full rate and any paid invoices are non refundable.

Sessions excluding travel -and parking costs


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