Teenage can be a hard time. Not only for the moms, but of course also for the young ladies. From the moment they past the last class of primary school, the world of a teenager expands and separates them from their family and familiar territory. They’re developing their identity and opinions. For us moms, It can be an emotional phase of letting go the director role into the guidance role and letting go your young girl in to the big world, becoming a young woman. Finding a balance between letting go and protecting her is difficult, but so important to maintain a good bond with each other. That’s what the mother and teen retreat in Tuscany is all about, bonding mother and teen daughter. Bonding time with you is very important to developing high self esteem too. Put yourself in your daughter’s shoes and listen, don’t criticize or compare, be patient, give space and above all enjoy the time together. Remember that you will always have an important role in your daughter’s life, just a different role than when she was little. 

The mother and teen retreat will be in a luxury farm house in beautiful Tuscany. 


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